2019 / App Concept for Wild Camping (in: UI Design Course at CareerFoundry)

The App targets wild camperers, travelers and nature lovers who want to find beautiful and off-road places in nature to spend the night at.

The app is supposed to collect overnight spots in nature, allowing the users to choose one from a map or a list, according to their needs (near by, specific area or attributes). Data-base of such spots would grow with users’ input (place itself, comments, pictures, ratings).

The aim of this project during the course was to explore different stages of UX design processes, like competitive analysis, MVP, user psychology, user research and creating personas, user flows and user flow diagrams, exploratory sketching and rapid prototyping. 

User Stories for MVP

User Story #1 / As a wild camperer, I want to find an overnight spot, so that I would have a full experience of traveling and being in nature.

User Story #2 / As a responsible and caring wild camperer, I want to share the places in nature I find myself, so that I could contribute to the wild camping community.

User Story #3 / As a caring traveler, I want to share my location with my friends and family members, so that they could be sure and calm knowing where exactly I am.

User Flow Diagram

User Personas

The target audience are wild campers, travellers and explorers of any age, who love nature and prefer quiet and off-road places than touristy and crowded ones. They are respectful, sharing and creative individualists, who have more of a spontaneous way of living/character, and in whose lives nature plays a significant role.

Exploratory Sketching

Rapid Prototyping

Out of this low-fid paper prototype was created a prototype in InVision and was used for usability testing. The results were as shown below and critical points in the app were updated.

Mood Board and Style Guides

Final App